GSP 2024 will take place at Aula Conference Centre, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands.

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How to get there

Amsterdam to Delft train station: Amsterdam is well connected to the rest of the world. From Schiphol Airport you can take a direct train to Delft (around 40 minutes).

  • For information on the actual timetables and prices, download the NS app or the 9292 app, or visit or
  • You can pay for your trip with your debit or credit card (Maestro, V PAY, Mastercard or Visa are supported) at the entrance gates of the station. If you do not have a supported card, you can digitally purchase a train ticket via the 9292 or NS app (note that the 9292 app also allows to purchase bus tickets).

Delft train station to hotel: The Delft train station is within walking distance of most hotels (5-15 minutes).

To the venue: The Aula Conference Centre is within walking distance (25 minutes) of Delft Train Station. Alternatively, the venue can be reached by bus, which leaves from the south side of the station.

  • Take bus number 69, 455, or 174 and get out at ‘Halte Aula TU, Delft’. For actual timings, see the NS app or the 9292 app, or visit or
  • Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus itself, using your debit or credit card (Maestro, V PAY, Mastercard or Visa are supported). Alternatively, you can purchase a bus ticket via the 9292 app.

Transport by car: The parking lot closest to the venue is located at the Van der Waalsweg (to reach the parking lot, after leaving the roundabout, you directly take the right).

  • The hourly rate is 2 euros/ hour, with a maximum of 10 euros daily. Note that the gates do not open if the parking lot is full. In that case, please resort to the parking lot at the Van den Broekweg 1.
  • You need to scan a mifare card (e.g., your bank card or credit card) to enter. When scanning your card, no transaction will occur; you need to pay at a machine in the parking lot before you leave.
  • Do not park in the nearby neighborhood, i.e., non-TU Delft parking areas, since you need a permit for that!
  • Please, visit this and this websites for more information on accessibility and parking.

Watch out for bikes! :wink:

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Restaurants and bars

Delft boasts a diverse culinary landscape, thanks in part to its thriving international student community. Within the city center, conveniently located within walking distance from the campus or accessible via bus, we recommend a selection of restaurants to satisfy a range of tastes:

  • “THUIS by Ladera”: Immerse yourself in an authentic Dutch dining experience. Please make a reservation in advance, as it tends to fill up quickly.
  • If you’re in the mood for pizza, consider trying “Bas Sil,” “San Marco,” or “Il Peperoncino.”
  • Vegetarian or simply craving some veggie-focused cuisine? Head to “Hummus” or “The Harvest.”
  • Embark on a global culinary journey at “Mekhong Thai-Lao” (Thai) or “Redjeki” (Indonesian).
  • For a cozy and inviting atmosphere with dishes inspired by far-flung locales such as South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Peru, and Sri Lanka, venture to “Hanno Groots Cafe.”
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Other than the university campus itself, which is (also) one of the main attractions of the city, we recommend visiting the following:

  • Delft’s Historic City Center: Explore the picturesque old town with its charming canals, cobbled streets, and well-preserved 17th-century architecture.
  • Nieuwe Kerk (New Church): Visit this iconic church, where members of the Dutch royal family are interred. Climb the tower for panoramic views of the city.
  • Oude Kerk (Old Church): Discover the city’s oldest building, known for its leaning tower and its connections to Johannes Vermeer.
  • Vermeer Centrum: Immerse yourself in the world of the famous Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer and his masterpieces.
  • Delft’s Canals: Enjoy a relaxing boat tour or a leisurely stroll along the scenic canals that crisscross the city.
  • Delft City Hall: Admire the Renaissance-style architecture of this historic building and its impressive facades.
  • Royal Delft Factory: Witness the craftsmanship of Delftware pottery with a tour of the Royal Delft Factory.
  • Prinsenhof Delft: Step back in time at this museum and former royal palace, where the infamous bullet holes from the assassination of William the Silent can still be seen.
  • Hofjes (Courtyards): Discover hidden courtyards throughout the city, offering peaceful retreats from the bustling streets.
  • Eastern Gate (Oostpoort): Marvel at the last remaining city gate of Delft, a picturesque bridge over the city’s canal.
  • Science Center Delft: Explore interactive exhibits and innovations at this science and technology museum.
  • Delftse Hout: Enjoy nature in the city at the Delftse Hout park, ideal for picnics, cycling, and outdoor activities (in the lake!).
  • Markets: Browse local markets, such as the Saturday market, to sample fresh Dutch cheese, local produce, and unique crafts.
  • Biking: Rent a bike to experience Delft and its beautiful surroundings like a local, with numerous cycling routes to explore.
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